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“Man faking a bomb threat to get-out-of-work-card.” - ABCactionnews.com


"36-year-old Richard Hamilton was arrested for whistleblowing a bomb threat to the water treatment plant he worked with. His motive was early departure from his work. And lastly, he was penalized on a $10,000 bond."


“Florida man feeds alligator Hot Dog straight from his mouth.”- NYtimes.com


“Florida man accused of kicking chicken like a football player.” - MiamiHerald.com


“Florida man arrested for asking second in command for booze and ice-cream. “Can you ever dream of asking law enforcement body to do something so? - Clickorlando.com


“Florida man and woman arrested for shooting flare gun on two people serving legal papers.” This Floridan couple very badly wanted not to be served papers and they went to extreme lengths to try to prevent it.


“Florida man attacks victims for not thanking him for holding open door of a liquor shop.” - Bestfloridamanheadlines.com


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